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Have you ever thought of your supermarket, especially the outer borders, being like a pharmacy ? Yes, food can be like medicine and sometimes just as effective with less potential side effects. (However, never stop taking any medicine that your doctor has prescribed without his or her consent).

One such amazing food is dark cherries. Anthocyanins are compounds in cherries that give cherries their red color and are also the same phytonutrients that act as powerful antioxidants. They work at blocking inflammation and they also inhibit pain enzymes just like aspirin, naproxen and other anti-inflammatory drugs, says Dr M. Nair who is a natural products chemist at Michigan State University’s College of Agricultural and Natural Resources.

Another study in the “Journal of Nutrition,” showed that people who ate a bowl of cherries for breakfast reduced a major marker for inflammation by 25%. And other researchers found less muscle pain in runners who drank 12 ounces of tart cherry juice, twice daily for 7 days before a distance run.

However, I don’t advocate drinking fruit juice. I suggest a delicious way to eat cherries (when they are not in season), is to buy Frozen Organic cherries. You can pour a serving into a bowl and partially defrost them. Then add a bit of greek yogurt or almond milk, and enjoy a nutritious after dinner dessert that is yummy & might help reduce some of your body aches and pains.






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Nancy A. Goodman

Nancy A. Goodman, NSCA-CPT, ISSA is a certified nutrition consultant and personal trainer. She has years of experience working with individuals to attain their fitness and overall health goals. She is committed to helping her clients live a robust life of wellness.



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