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Green tea is my beverage of choice for so many reasons.  It is filled with “catechins” which are antioxidants that fight & may even prevent cell damage.  Since green tea is not highly processed, it is rich in these catechins. However, I’ll write about the other health benefits of green tea in a later blog.

I believe you want to know how green tea can help you lose weight. Drinking green tea is a simple way to jump start  your metabolism. A study reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, discovered that green tea increases metabolism by 4 % over a 24 hour period.  It also has been shown to prevent insulin spikes which reduces fat storage & also reduces appetite.

I like to drink about 4 mugs a day of different types of green tea.  I usually cut off the caffeine type by early afternoon, & then either switch to decaf, or I’ll ice my afternoon green tea which cuts down on the caffeine content.  According to the United States Dept of Agriculture,  a 6 oz cup of hot green tea contains about 26 mg of caffeine, whereas 16 oz of iced green tea has only about 15 mgs.  However, I ice my green tea myself, and don’t rely on bottled green tea which can contain artificial sweeteners & other unhealthy ingredients.

I also recommend adding some green tea to your water bottle (BPA free, I hope), when you exercise to further increase the metabolism boost of your exercise.

And lastly, whether you enjoy your green tea hot or cold, remember to always squeeze some lemon into your green tea to maximize the effectiveness of those catechins that I mentioned earlier.




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Nancy A. Goodman

Nancy A. Goodman, NSCA-CPT, ISSA is a certified nutrition consultant and personal trainer. She has years of experience working with individuals to attain their fitness and overall health goals. She is committed to helping her clients live a robust life of wellness.



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